My name is Daan, and I’m a freelance (web)developer from the Netherlands. For the previous year I’ve mainly been working on: As the title suggests this app is all about metrics. More specific, Zuora metrics. Zuora is basicly the #1 platform for companies to sell subscription based products. So think for example about companies like Spotify and the Dutch room rental site Kamernet. The sf-metricslab app makes it very easy for management to extract basic metrics from Zuora. It answers questions like:

  • How many new customers have we acquired in the past 7 days? And how many did leave?
  • Is our MRR (Monthly Recuring Revenue) still as planned?
  • How is the release of our latest product going?

This app has a LAMP frontend, and all the number crunching is done by a C#.NET program.

I started out working part time as a webdeveloper during the last 2 years of highschool. Initially I built Wordpress websites for individuals and small companies. The latest website I’ve helped building was Groengas. Currently I am in my 3th year of university, studying mathematics & physics, and still working part time.

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